The downfalls of apartment living

Do I miss our house? I do. Don't get me wrong, I love our apartment. Our house was built in 1917 and had a beautiful sunporch. Not much backyard, but enough for the kids to play. We had 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths, hardwood floors in the living room and dining room, a large kitchen, etc.. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't perfect by any means. It still needs some TLC but we just finished painting the downstairs and were planning on starting some other renovations when my hubby lost his job. You all know how the economy is. We had a pretty good idea that he was not going to find anything in town, and we had talked about moving for quite awhile anyway. With the house market crappy we decided to rent out the house if he got a job outside of town.

So, when he was offered a job in the Fox Cities we were thrilled! We had always loved that area and it gave us a chance for a fresh start. And, we were only about 1 hour away from most of our family (hubby has a 16 year old so we didn't want ot be too far away). My sister and brother-in-law said they would love to rent the house from us, so that was one problem taken care of. The apartment we found is in an EXCELLENT location! There is so much to do here it is amazing. We have taken the kids to something just about every weekend since we have been here. Manitowoc doesn't have things like that. We have vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, a computer nook, only two bedrooms though, so the girls share (which is ok for now). The thing I miss the most is being able to get them outside. There is a park across the street (it is about a block away or so) but with Grace going to school in the afternoons it gets hard to get there. So they are going stir crazy, which makes me go stir crazy, lol!

They are also wound up because we are going back to Manitowoc again and spending Friday and Saturday night there. They love staying by Nana and Papa and it means they don't sleep very well (they were up a little after 6 today). Combine that with trick-or-treating and it's going to be a long week:)



Rebecca Camarena said...

I know what you mean about apartments. Lived that lifestyle for almost 20 years and then bought a house. Wonderful feeling to not be bothered by managers and no place to play and there's grass and rose bushes. Lovin every minute in my house. Hang in there things will get better.

November 7, 2008 at 6:23 PM

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