Book Lovin' Penpals

Well, it's been a pretty productive day. I worked for awhile this morning and have this week all set...or at least as set as I can get it. Then it was time to focus on house and family stuff. Had to get the kids clean and they both wanted to try taking a shower today. It was kind of funny because they are only 3 and 4 so I had to help them with everything, but if they wanted to try who was I to stop them.

I made a big pot of chili for supper. We actually had some freezing rain today and now we are due for some more snow. Don't think driving is going to be a whole lot of fun tomorrow.

Another thing that I did was create a group on ning called Book Lovin' Penpals. I have seen a bunch of people looking to communicate through people via snail mail. I know that email is so much easier most of the time, but there is something special about getting a letter in the mail. I used to have penpals a long time ago and would love to have some again, especially some who share my love of books. If anyone is interested just let me know.

Hope you all had a great weekend - off to read for a little bit...if the kids actually let me:)

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JM said...

I'd love the link to the NING group so I can check it out. :)

December 14, 2008 at 4:30 PM

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