What do some parents think sometimes

Last night Grace cried herself to sleep. Granted, it was a long and busy day. She had a field trip to the Fox River Mall with her class that lasted all day (she is used to going to school for 2 hours or so a day). They were going to go and shop for gifts for kids that were either in the hospital or staying at the Ronald McDonald House - it is such a wonderful place, we stayed there for a few nights while Grace was recovering from her surgery.

They were HEAVILY chaperoned with a 1 adult to 2 kid ratio - otherwise there was no way they could go, it's a large mall and is always busy, but at this time of year I am sure it was insane. They also got to go to Build-a-Bear which the girls have been to many times before (too many) and make an animal for their class. The bear will come home with each child for a week and document what it got to do. Sounds pretty neat.

But, the reason she cried was a bad enough one that I actually emailed her teacher about it, even though it wasn't her fault. The woman who was chaperoning Grace was there with her daughter. And she kept buying her daughter things (even though they weren't supposed to) and of course when Grace asked if she could get something of course the answer was no. My poor little girl! How dare this woman buy things in front of her and then tell her she couldn't get anything. I can't imagine doing that, or what would possess you to do that. You couldn't even get her something for a dollar. Either that, or don't buy anything at all, which is what you were supposed to do. My heart broke for her, as she told me that it wasn't fair and cried, all curled up next to me.

What do you think?

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JM said...

I think that was incredibly insensitive and rude. I mean, how dare she? Sure, it's fine to get something for your child, but to do it in front of another little girl whom she offered nothing AND on a field trip where she wasn't supposed to be doing it anyway?

I understand - it's a busy season and maybe she wouldn't have had time to go to the mall otherwise, but it's still cruel. As a child who didn't grow up with rich parents, I would have cried myself to sleep too at that age.

December 13, 2008 at 9:19 PM

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