Zithromax...how long does it take?

Well, I have bronchitis. That's ok I guess. The only problem is that I have taken the first two doses and this morning I woke up with a temperature of 103 and more chest pain than I had before. So, one more call in to the doctor. I normally wouldn't do that, but even though we are in a fairly populated area, the nearest walk-in is over 20 minutes away. Just need to know if this will kick in, or if because I am still running a fever something else is going on.

We still don't have all the stuff for the girls for St. Nick either. My hubby took the day off - he is feeling better, but better is a relative term. He has one more dose of Zithromax in his system and is still coughing up stuff. The kids - that's a different story. Ella (who has pneumonia) and Grace (who has bronchitis) are playing and goofing around as much as they always do. I actually beg them to calm down - my fear is that they will end up in the hospital, and we have a Kids With Heart party on Sunday with Santa. We don't want to miss it so we need to start feeling a whole lot better than we are now.

Hope you all have a good Friday!

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Dorothy Thompson said...

I'm just getting over mine. Takes 2 weeks. Everytime I get it, it takes 2 weeks. You're younger so you might just have it a week and a half. Now, did I make you feel better? *smile*

December 5, 2008 at 3:34 PM

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