Doctors appointment

Believe it or not, the whole family is going to go to the doctor today. My hubby has been coughing like crazy for over 2 weeks...he coughs so hard he actually throws up (sorry for the visual). I have Grace home from school again today - she actually started with this horrible cough last night, and with her heart condition we can't take any chance. I have sinus and ear pressure and am pretty sure I have a double ear infection - that usually gets me this time of year.

At least the clinic was able to get us all in at the same time. Tim went and bought a tree last night (don't even get me started...have you all seen the Charlie Brown tree)? We left the other tree at the house and were hoping to be able to afford the black tree that we want, but it just isn't happening this year. But now we are stuck with this tree. If you want to see some awesome trees you should check out Treetopia - I would love to have the cranberry or chocolate trees...after the black one. The purple one is really cool too! So, after the doctor it's off to Wal-mart for lights (yes, the tree he bought isn't pre-lit). It's ok, I guess because I am going to let the girls pick whatever kind of lights they want. Garland too - this is something we have never put on our trees but I am going to let them do whatever they want and have fun with it. I will make sure to post pictures of the tree when it is decorated - it could be very interesting.

Happy 2nd day of Nablopomo to everyone participating!

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