Manderfield's Bakery

When we lived in Manitowoc we did have a few local bakeries. They were good but did just carry the basic things - a few different breads, donuts, pies, etc... Now that we are in a more populated area we figured we would have more choices. Well, my girls are addicted to coffeecake - it is a Sunday ritual for us to get a few different kinds of bakery, but coffeecake is one that has to be included.

A few weeks ago, we forgot to get it when we were shopping (we used to just grab it from the grocery store when we were there). And, as expensive as it was, we just did it for convenience more than anything (they run about $5 each and aren't that big). So, we started looking for bakeries near us, and were told to go to Manderfield's. All I can say is WOW! They have a huge selection of things - my personal favorite is the sweet dough. It quite large and only costs $2.15. We got the Cherry Pie bread and the family has been raving about it. I haven't tried any, but will in the morning with my first cup of coffee.

Do you have a favorite type of bakery? A place to get it from?

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